Friday, December 5, 2008

What the Detroit Shock are Thinking - 2009 WNBA Draft

The latest news from Cheryl Reeves - director of player personnel of the Detroit Shock - is posted up at She has her own short list of 2009 WNBA draft prospects, which provide some insight as to how WNBA GMs are thinking about the current crop of players.

Here is her list (not in the same order she provides it on the website)

Top Five Picks

Angel McCoughtry, G, Louisville
Renee Montgomery, G, Connecticut
Courtney Paris, C, Oklahoma
Kristi Toliver, G, Maryland
Kia Vaughn, C, Rutgers


Krystal Ellis, Marquette
Danielle Gant, Texas A&M
Kalana Greene, Connecticut - may return to Connecticut for 2009-10 season
Shavonte Zellous, Pittsburgh

Small Forwards

DeWanna Bonner, Auburn
Marissa Coleman, Maryland
Rashanda McCants, North Carolina


Chante Black, Duke
Ashley Walker, California


Only listed centers were Paris and Vaughn, above.

I'm sure a lot of those names are very familiar to people reading this blog and other blogs. Of course, some of this could just be old fashioned misdirection - Reeve has to know that other GMs/team personnel might be reading this post - but it gives an indication as to who the "really big names" are in the WNBA draft in April.


bullsky said...

I'm not necessarily surprised, but I wish more WNBA GMs would look outside of the major conferences. And still, she's missing some big conference names. Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton, anyone?

pt said...


I'm not surprised either, and I agree with you on both a) the focus on major conferences, and b) the lack of names like Wisdom-Hylton.

I might have to look at how players from "big time" conferences has stacked up against "mid major" conferences in the past.

Anonymous said...

Name someone in a Midmajor confrence who should be mentioned?

Anonymous said...

This is women's basketball, all the talent is in major confrences!