Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gangsta Granny

In the December 16th, 2008 version of the Pass The Ball Blog of the Washington Mystics, Nakia Sanford talks about the dangers (sometimes) of life in Russia:

I did the universal sign for I don’t have any money… pat the pockets, and then hands in the air. This didn’t satisfy her, and she HIT ME. Y’ALL SHE HIT ME on the shoulder, and yelled “give me 10 rubbles!!!” My face y’all, if you could have seen it. I am southern, and I don’t disrespect elderly people, even when they are acting crazy. So I start walking away down the street. Do you know she followed me? She kept pointing at the apartment building, and telling me to give her money. When I just looked at her like she was crazy, SHE SIZED ME UP!!!! She looked me up and down, around to my book bag, trying to find what she could jack me for.

Nakia, have a great time in Russia...and watch yer back. Sriously.

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