Monday, December 22, 2008


Most of the leagues are taking time off for the regular season and won't resume regular season play until January or even February.

This doesn't mean that the leagues are asleep. Some of these leagues have "cup" competitions. These are competitions where teams take places in an elimination match to win some sort of trophy. What makes it interesting is that lower-division teams sometimes are allowed to go face-to-face with the highest pro levels -- something like the Kansas Jayhawks playing the Boston Celtics.

There's an "Israeli Cup" taking place and Ivory Latta has already played a quarterfinal game. More on that later.


Superleague A Russia: Slavyanka (0-8) vs. Nadezhda Orenburg (3-5)


WCBA: Zhejiang (2-17) vs. Beijing (12-7)
Israeli Cup Semifinals: Elizur Holon vs. Maccabi Ramat Hen


WCBA: Beijing (12-7) vs. Hayao (10-9) *

* - Standings as of December 22, 2008

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