Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

There is some discussion at (by the esteemed Mr. Hirshfield) regarding where the various members of the Houston Comets might go.

A quote:

Likely scenario: As much as the Atlanta fans might like to see an all-offense, all-the-time, shoot-'em-up backcourt of Betty Lennox, Ivory Latta and Ajavon, something tells me coach Marynell Meadors will opt for Sancho Lyttle.

Just a thought for anyone in the Atlanta organization that be tempted by some strange demonic force to consider Matee Ajavon the future of the franchise:

Worst Players in Wins Score, WNBA 2008

183. Coco Miller, Mystics, -7.0
(tie) Krystal Vaughn, Mystics, -7.0
185. Amber Jacobs, Mystics/Sparks, -7.5
186. Brooke Queenan, Sky, -8.5
187. Yuko Oga, Mercury, -11.0
188. Scholanda Robinson, Monarchs, -15.0
189. Kim Smith, Monarchs, -15.5
190. Ashley Shields, Comets/Shock, -16.5
191. LaToya Bond, Fever, -24.0
192. Matee Ajavon, Comets, -31.5

BTW, only 192 players played in the WNBA this year.

If Atlanta wants to take a player with a 33 percent shooting percentage - a player who will probably only lead the league in turnovers or missed shots some day - over a player with the best field goal shooting percentage in the league in 2008, the second best steal percentage and the eighth-best block percentage in the hope that Ajavon will magically transform from a pumpkin to Cinderella's carriage, well...I'll still love the Dream, but I would consider the choice of Matee Ajavon over Sancho Lyttle an act of friggin MADNESS.

Just sayin'.


Rebecca said...

I really doubt they'll take Ajavon. I don't think she fits the personality of your team. And if you guys still have Ann Strother, then it'll really be a cold day in hell before you pick up Ajavon.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear....I find it remarkable that various posters really think Dream would ever take Ajavon...but then again a lot of message board folks know a lot less than they think they do....