Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Over for Tamera Young and Extrugasa

Tamera Young and her Spanish club Extrugasa have decided to mutually part ways. The news is here, and here, and here.

The understanding is that this was a business decision. There's nothing more to it than that. Young got along well with her teammates and her coaches. However, according to the coaches, Young was performing below expectations.

Like it or not, Extrugasa is 2-8 on the year and they expected better. They barely qualified for the second round of Eurocup and Extrugasa is mired in 12th place in a 14-team league.

Taru Tuukkanen, a 6-3 Finnish center and great Finnish player who graduated from Xavier, expressed interest in returning to Extrugasa. She played for Extrugasa for two seasons. Whether Taru showed interest before or after the decision was made to release Tamera Young isn't clear, but it looks like Taru Tuukkanen will provide the spark for Extrugasa, and Tamera will....

...well, we don't know what Tamera will do. Will she come home and wait till the WNBA season starts? Or will she play for another team this year?

According to the FEB, it's likely that the Saturday game between Extrugasa and San José will be Young's last game of the year. If Tamera has any fans in Extrugasa, I hope they get the chance to say goodbye.

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Don't worry T it's there lost.