Saturday, December 6, 2008

TBBL 7/2008 - Fenerbahçe 97, Ceyhan 83

While we wait for a box score for the Bahçeşehir-Samsun game - I'm still waiting for two box scores from the French League; what's with these people? - Ceyhan (2-5) would send the TBBL's leading scorer, Ivory Latta, against league-leading Fenerbahçe (7-0). Visiting Ceyhan would find out that one scorer does not a team make, as Fenerbahçe won 97-83 to remain in first place in the TBBL.

The first half was a relatively close one, with Ceyhan remaining a basket or two away from the home club and the score ending 41-38 going into halftime. In the third quarter, with Fenerbahçe ahead 47-43, Fenerbahçe opened up an 11-point lead to 59-48 and closed the quarter 69-60.

Ceyhan scored the first four points of the fourth quarter to close to 69-64 but Fenerbahçe opened the lead up again to 73-64 with help from Nevriye Yilmaz. Esmeral Tunçluer had a good fourth quarter and was able to beat the Ceyhan defense, and Fenerbahçe ended up winning by 14 points.

Both teams shot very well - Fenerbahçe shot 50 percent and Ceyhan 48 percent. However, Fenerbahçe out-hustled Ceyhan in overall rebounds and Ceyhan turned the ball over 19 times. Futhermore, Fenerbahçe was perfection at the free throw line, going 19 for 19.

Esmeral Tunçluer of Fenerbahçe led all scores of both teams with 24 points, four rebounds, four assists and four steals. Nevriye Yilmaz scored 16 points and six rebounds. Indiana Fever center Tammy Sutton-Brown picked up 15 points and five rebounds, and Houston Comets guard Matee Ajavon scored 14 points. Kristin Newlin, a graduate of Stanford, scored eight points.

For Ceyhan, Ivory Latta scored 21 points and six assists. Michelle Campbell would add 15 points. Gulcin Cantekin would score 12 points and Tiffani Johnson did not play - she's not even listed on Ceyhan's roster. I wonder what's up with that.

Pictures will come as soon as the Turks send them.

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