Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Euroleague 8/2008 - Ros Casares 71, Ekaterinburg 63

Ros Casares (6-2) is getting closer to cementing a second place position in Group C, which guarantees them a position in the second round. El Ros deals a defeat to Ekaterinburg (7-1) in Spain in front of 1800 spectators as Ros Casares wins 71-63.

The boxscore is here. A writeup leading to a gallery is here.

It was the very first loss for Ekaterinburg in Euroleague play. All teams in Euroleague that played today only have two games left in first round play.

Erika de Souza, however, is still out with a leg injury. It looks like Ros Casares is doing quite well without her, in both Euroleague and Spanish League play. Ros Casares might be one of the toughest teams in Europe.

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