Saturday, December 20, 2008

WNBA Losing National TV Exposure?

From the Sports Media Watch blog:

Only thirteen WNBA games will air on ESPN and ABC during the 2009 season, the first of a new eight-year television agreement. The 13 games is down from 22 last year, and marks the fewest number of national television appearances ever for the WNBA.

After airing eight WNBA games last season, ABC is currently set to air only one game in 2009, an Opening Day matchup between the Shock and Sparks -- the teams who famously brawled during a game last season. ABC is also likely to air the yet-to-be-announced WNBA All Star Game. Meanwhile, ESPN2 will air 12 "WNBA Tuesday" telecasts, down from 14 last year.

Well, that's certainly an emptying of the glass. But you can still look at the full part of the glass - the current TV agreement is an eight-year agreement, and the WNBA still gets national exposure.

Furthermore, there are still the regional networks like CSS and MSG that show games locally.

I'm just surprised that no one on one of the WNBA message boards picked up on this.

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Anonymous said...

It's not like no one picked up...we were just waiting for more information as the schedule was just posted...usually tv schedule is not untill later...but if this is it...then it is what it sucks big time...