Saturday, December 13, 2008

PLKK 15/2008 - Rybnik 74, Jelenia Góra 67 (OT)

Next week, on December 20th, all PLKK teams play a regular league game - then, the league takes almost a month off! Rybnik (10-5) gives itself an early Christmas present by going on the road and beating Jelenia Góra (6-8) in overtime, 74-67.

The writeup of the game is here.

According to the writeup, the score started out 7-7, but Rybnik quickly took a seven point lead, 17-10, which they carried to the end of the first quarter. Jelenia Góra managed to close the gap to four points at haltime, 40-36. However, Jelenia Góra held Rybnik to 11 points in the third quarter, with Katariny Ristic scoring a 3-pointer to put Jelenia Góra up 51-50, a lead they extended to 55-51 at the end of the third.

However, LaTangela Atkinson turned it on, and almost singlehandledly led the team back to a 61-61 tie. With four seconds left in the game, Magdalena Gawrońska of Jelenia Góra scored a bucket to tie the game 65-65 at regulation. Unfortunately for Jelenia Góra, they would be held to a grand total of two points in the overtime period.

On the face of shooting percentage alone, you'd think this would be an easy win: Rybnik shot 52 percent compared to Jelenia Góra's 39 percent. However, Jelenia Góra sank almost as many buckets as Rybnik (they just sank more baskets) and outhustled Rybnik in offensive rebounds, 10-5. Rybnik would turn the ball over 16 times and only shoot 61 percent at the free throw line.

Ryan Coleman, a graduate of Eastern Michigan, scored 15 points and 10 rebounds for Jelenia Góra. A player of American nationality named Hollie Meredith - I don't know if she played ball only in Poland or has played some American b-ball - scored 10 points and seven rebounds. Magdalena Skorek scored 13 points and five rebounds.

As for Rybnik, LaTangela Atkinson was the clear hero, scoring 26 points for the visitors. Aleksandra Chomać would score 15 points and eight rebounds. Nataliya Trafimava would only score eight points but have 14 rebounds, one bucket short of a double-double.

Ketia Swanier scored 12 points and three rebounds. Kasha Terry would only play eight minutes and score five points without any rebounds.

Maybe they'll be some pictures posted. We know that the Rybnik ladies make great calendar girls!

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