Sunday, December 7, 2008

LFB (France) 13/2008 - Villeneuve d'Ascq 87, Union Hainaut 69

Union Hainaut (8-5) had hopes of being the best team in the Ligue Féminine, but it seems those hopes are meeting reality - Villeneuve d'Ascq (8-5) has a long history with Union Hainaut's predecessor club (Valenciennes) and had been looking forward to the match, which they would win at home 87-69. I'm not sure if Chioma Nnamaka or Iziane Castro Marques were aware of that history, but they got to meet as opponents for the first time in the Ligue Féminine.

The boxscore is here.

It was a game that went back and forth in the first half, with Villeneuve d'Ascq taking a 43-41 lead into halftime. According to one account, Villeneuve d'Ascq came out aggresive in the second half, winning the third quarter by six points and the final quarter by 11 points. In the second half overall, it was 45-28 for the home team.

Villeneuve d'Ascq outshot Union Hainaut 48 percent to 41 percent. The home team kept down their turnovers, turning the ball over only nine times in the game compared to Union Hainaut's 16. Villenevue d'Ascq would go to the line 22 times and hit 16 of their shots, whereas Union Hainaut only had 13 free throw attempts.

Ljubica Drljaca led all Villeneuve d'Ascq players with 25 points, but it was Geraldine Robert who was the star of the team with 21 points and 17 rebounds, a double double. She earned exactly one half of the team's rebounds all by herself. Iziane Castro Marques earned 17 points, shooting 6 for 13. Jolene Anderson played 21 minutes but only scored three points.

For Union Hainaut, Kathy Wambe and Vedrana Fonseca each scored 11 points. Tiffany Stansbury scored 7 points (and had four turnovers). Chioma Nnamaka scored 5 points, played 16 minutes and had five fouls. I suspect that this is the game that Bernadette Ngoyisa was forced to sit out by the Ligue Féminine due to accumulating too many technical fouls over the season - Ngoyisa played in last weeks game against Landes.

Union Hainaut finally has a new website: They have some pictures of last week's game and it looks like they have their act together when it comes to pics. We'll just have to wait for the pics to be posted.


Anonymous said...

Your report is flattering. UHB did not play well and the only reason it was close at half-time was that Villeneuve d'Ascq were careless.

Kathy Wambe comment after the match summed it up. I left Villeneuve for something better and comeback to here and lose by 18.

You have to register on the website to see the pictures.

All the same I love your site but take care on the your analysis - you tend to get it wrong.

Last week at Basket Landes, Chioma had a poor game but the main reason for her not shooting was that Basket Land applied a full court press for most of the game.

This week Izaine marked out her of the game and she fouled out. She did scor a three at the end of the third and two points to start the fourth.

pt said...

Thank you for reading! One of my problems is that most of the game results I get are computer translations of reports - I can't read French and it seems that Translate Google can't read it, either. This causes some of the errors. Sometimes I just have to guess at what happened.

I'm jealous that you get a chance to see (or hear) players in the LFB play. The basketlfb site occasionally posts small movie clips of games; I wish they would post full game video.