Sunday, December 21, 2008

Greek Women's A1: Paleo Faliro 65, Ano Liosa 44

I don't know if Kristin Haynie was the key or not, but there's something in the eggnog they're drinking at Paleo Faliro (7-4). Their 65-44 win against Ano Liosa (5-6) is their fifth straight win of the year. Paleo Faliro is holding on to fifth place in the Greek A1 Women's League.

The boxscore is here.

Here's the amazing fact of the game: ANO LIOSA WAS HELD TO ONE FIRST QUARTER POINT. That's "one" and not "eleven". Of course, it could be just some sort of transcription error, but we'll never know because Greek media pretty much ignores women's basketball. However, the 34-16 score at halftime makes me think I'm right. It was 53-28 after three quarters, so no, this was not a game that was in doubt in any way, shape, or form.

Paleo Faliro shot only 42 percent from the field, as opposed to the 33 percent from the field for Ano Liosa. Believe it or not, Ano Liosa won the battle of rebounding, picking up 13 offensive rebounds - so how come none of those rebounds translated into more than a single first-quarter point? Ano Liosa turned the ball over 22 times. They won the battle of free throws, but when you only go to the line 11 times and hit six of them, you're not going to make up that first quarter deficit through making free throws.

Foutoula Volonaki led all Paleo Faliro players with 13 points and five rebounds. Atalanti Tasouli, a former draft choice of the Houston Comets, scored 12 points and six rebounds. Teana Miller picked up 13 points and eight rebounds.

As for Kristin Haynie, she scored five points and four rebounds in 30 minutes of play. Karen Mourd scored two points in a brief appearance.

For Ano Liosa, Kari Koch led all players with 18 points and 10 rebounds, a double-double. Koch was a WNBA prospect and is a graduate of Missouri State University. Olga Smirnaiou was the only other player in double figures for Ano Liosa with 12 points. Meg Tierney, who is probably the Oregon State '03 Meg Tierney, only scored two points but had seven rebounds in 30 minutes of play.

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