Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lil' Wayne, Meet Ivory Latta

Rap star Lil' Wayne writes about meeting Ivory Latta when she was with Detroit in ESPN: The Magazine:

Last year on my tour I met Rick Mahorn and Bill Lambeer 'cause we were staying in the same hotel. They were there with their WNBA team the Detroit Shock and they were funny. That was right around the time they had just acquired Ivory Latta, and she came in to the lobby and saw me and started screaming, "Oh, s—t! I love you!" She was screaming, man. I told her I loved her game and to keep doing her thing. I'm not sure if it even registered that I knew her well from TV: she was just so shocked to see me.


Josh Bagriansky said...

Hey there!

Love reading your blog, as it helps keep me up to date with the Dream players without having to search the 'net extensively.

Just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Coach Meadors a few days ago, and have a new Dream blog written at the Score Atlanta website, you can find it under the "featured blogs" tab.

Feel free to post a link if you like and happy holidays!

Josh Bagriansky
SCORE Atlanta

pt said...

Thanks. I was wondering when we'd get a new Score Atlanta article; it's good to see that the Dream is still a priority.

Will definitely spread the word around.