Saturday, December 6, 2008

LFB (Spain) 11/2008 - San José 62, Extrugasa 54

Tamera Young's final game with the Spanish league club Extrugasa (2-9) ended like so many of the other games she played with them - it ended in another loss, this time at home. Visiting San José (5-6) handed Extrugasa a 62-54 loss.

If Gran Canaria were to defeat Zaragoza - which is rather unlikely - Extrugasa would sink to the bottom after today, 14th among 14 teams.

The boxscore is here.

San José took the first quarter with an 18-10 lead and their carried their eight point differential into the second half, 33-25. San José added another seven points to their lead to finish the third quarter 50-35. Extrugasa rallied in the fourth quarter, but the difference was just too much to overcome.

Both teams shot evenly - Extrugasa shot 40 percent and San José shot 41 percent. Reboundng, however, was another matter. San José knocked Extrugasa along at will, 39-18, with 13 offensive rebounds compared to the two of Extrugasa. Furthermore, Extrugasa sent San José to the free throw line 25 times - even if San José only hit 68 percent at the free throw line, you're going to lose if you shoot 4 for 8 at the line.

Taru Tuukkanen finally arrived at Extrugasa, and scored 21 points in her debut to lead Extrugasa. She would be the only player for Extrugasa to shoot in double digits. Mandisa Stevenson would score six points and three rebounds.

And what of Tamera Young? Zero points. Oh-for-one. Only six minutes played. A depressing end to Young's first European outing.

Oddly enough, only one player scored in double digits for San José - Eshaya Murphy, a guard for the Washington Mystics, scored 27 points and 11 rebounds. Kim Butler, a graduate from Oregon State in 2006, scored eight points and six rebounds.

I understand from the Atlanta Dream Message Board that Young has signed with another team, and that she'll be with the new team tomorrow. What we don't know is:

a) the name of the team,
b) the country
c) whether or not this rumor is grounded in any fact.

I'll try to keep you posted.

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