Sunday, December 21, 2008

More News on Ann Strother

Someone close to Ann Strother sent me some more information about Ann Strother's sudden disappearance from the Jiangsu team in the WCBA.

What happened was that the center of the Jiangsu team was injured. This left Jiangsu in a pickle, as they had no good backup center and they wanted to make a play for the WCBA championship. They could get a new center from the United States by the name of "Williams" (the characters used to describe her name are the common ones used to transliterate "Williams") but the problem was that Jiangsu could only have one "foreign aid" player.

So it was a tough choice - bring in the new center and give up Ann Strother, or keep Ann Strother and effectively challenge for the WCBA championship without a good #5.

They made the tough choice. Williams showed up, and Ann Strother was sent home, taking home some good memories and making some new friends.

I hope that something opens up for Ann Strother in the rest of the off season if she wants it. It looks like Ann will have an unexpected Christmas present. See you next year, Ann!

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