Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WCBA 20/2008 - Beijing 76, Zhejiang 68

Since there are only 12 teams in the WCBA, the season ends with each team playing 22 games - one home and away against each of its opponents. Zhejiang (2-18) had been mathematically eliminated weeks ago, but they were hoping to sneak by visiting Beijing (13-7). Despite a slow start, Zhejiang appears to have at least kept it interesting before falling to Beijing 76-68.

The win secures a playoff spot for Beijing, as the worst Beijing can finish is at 13-9, which would be them tied for sixth. However, with Jiangsu also at 13-7 and Henan right behind at 12-8, Beijing really needs to win its following two games to secure a fourth place finish and home field advantage in the first round.

I don't have a translated boxscore yet - I just have the original boxscore, which crashes when I try to throw it into Google translate. So I'll just finish this whenever I get a translatable boxscore. I can tell you that Jennifer Lacy led her team in scoring.

More (hopefully) later....

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