Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chantelle Anderson to Appear on MTV's "Made"

The link is right here. (A pity I can't open MTV links from work.)

I've really missed this series. The entire concept is that there are teens that want to be "made" into things - a singing superstar, surfboarder, whatever. Chantelle is going to help some teen reach his dream of being a baller.

I loved the snarky take Television Without Pity has on the show. Sometimes the goals are just flat out unreachable. Sometimes the goals (tomboy wants to be actress, football player wants to be artist) are just sublimations for the day when the kid finally tells his parents "I'm gay". Generally, there's a scene where the kid reaches an obstacle in hitting his goal, usually to the tune of Beck's "Lost Cause". And at the end, we have the happy resolution.

It will be on Saturday, December 6th at 4 pm Eastern Time. Be there.

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