Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome, Sancho Lyttle the Atlanta Dream! Lyttle is a 6-4, 193 pound forward out of the University of Houston. Her defensive prowess instantly makes the Dream a better team. I suspect that she'll become a starter in Atlanta.

My Draft Analysis:

1. Dream - Sancho Lyttle. The best player available in the dispersal draft ends up in Atlanta.
2. Mystics - Matee Ajavon. Washington, as usual, heads right to the roulette wheel and puts it all on #1, Matee Ajavon. Why do I suspect that they're going to come out of the casino with empty pockets again?
3. Sky - Mistie Williams. Why no Shannon Johnson? Is she thinking about retirement?
4. Lynx - Roneeka Hodges. Best on the board if Shannon Johnson not available.
5. Mercury - Sequoia Holmes. Better to choose Erica White or Tamecka Dixon first.
6. Indiana - Erica White. The Fever get a small guard.
7. Monarchs - Renae Camino. Hey, if she ever decides to play in America, the Monarchs have got her.

Everyone else passed.

Not chosen: Shannon Johnson, Tamecka Dixon. I suspect they were not chosen due to cost or other factors.

Once again, a big welcome to Sancho Lyttle. She's a real A+ player!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting Lyttle! I agree with you that Minnesota did well in choosing a shooter in Hodges. Washington must really think highly of Ajavon to take her 2nd when they really needed a true PG (Pee Wee), but they're not called the "Mystakes" for nothing! Sacramento took the low risk, high reward route by taking a decent international prospect who could compete for rotation time if she can display the ability to hit the outside shot.

As for the rest: Phoenix took training camp fodder, Indy wasted its time by taking yet another small guard who can't shoot for beans (Bond, Baker, White), and no one really knows what Chicago's doing (not even Chicago's front office, unfortunately).

Anonymous said...

Nobody wanted to take either of those big contracts for the two veterans....and Pee Wee had a guaranteed contract on top of that....expect both to be pursued at a lower salary for 09 in free agency....