Saturday, December 6, 2008

They Love Betty Lennox

From the Nadezhda Orenburg website, I learned that Betty Lennox celebrated her birthday on December 4th. She is 32 years old.

What was odd is that I didn't learn this before. What's really odd is that this is my wife's birthday. So Happy (Belated) Birthday, from the Atlanta Dream Blog.

A Nadezhda rooter wrote a birthday poem for Betty Lennox - in English. The poem:

"When we heard about your coming,
Each of us was surprised by this new.
Lennox Betty – the name is so charming!
Outstanding ball-player – it’s true!
Very fast, with magnificent dribbling,
Every game is your wonderful show!
You are great! Your magic is really
One of greatest that ever we saw…
Up to stars, and higher, and higher…
Bring the part of your magic to us.
Every time you, like magical fire
Throwing, passing – and we are admiring –
Therefore, we will say like a choir:
You are best that was happened with us!..."

This is a wonderful poem. "digger", you've shown us in America that you are a true fan. Thank you.

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