Friday, December 26, 2008

Things That Went on While I Was Enjoying Christmas

1) The WCBA and Translate Google have gone to war. At least, I think that happened. Translate Google refuses to touch that boxscore of that Zhejiang-Beijing game.

2) I got two DVDs of college basketball games from Ethan Johnson, the proprietor of Haven't had a chance to sit down and watch them yet, but you know that's coming.

3) Ivory Latta has been tearing it up in Israel:

a) During the semifinals of the Israeli Cup - a mid-season competiton among the best teams in Israeli women's basketball - she scored 23 points in a 78-72 win over Elizur Holon to move Ramat Hen on to the finals.

b) In the finals, they give the ball to Ivory for the money shot, and she hits the final shot which wins the game for Ramat Hen and grants Ramat Hen the Israeli Cup with a 72-71 victory over Ramat Hasharon.

It was Ramat Hen's first cup in a quarter century, and it took place on Christmas. I suppose if you were going to give Ivory Latta a Christmas present, it would be "you'll hit the winning shot and bring victory to a team that hasn't tasted it in over twenty years".

c) p_d_swanson posts this pic, which he swipes from the Israel League and which I swipe from him over at RebKell:

That isn't Ivory Latta in the foreground, is it?

4) Painel do Basquete Feminino posts this pic, which they swipe from, and which I swipe from them:

And they gave the Santa hat to Erika de Souza. That's one tall Santa!

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