Monday, December 22, 2008

Superleague A Russia 9/2008 - Nadezhda Orenburg 98, Slavyanka 46

God, I have to tell you, I'm exhausted from all of the Christmas hullaboo. Everyone looks forward to the holidays, and some small part of that is looking forward to the holidays being over. For Nadezhda Orenburg (4-5), they wanted a nice easy game before the Christmas break and they got it in visiting Slavyanka (0-9), which was crushed by Nadezhda by a score of 98-46 in front of 500 Slavyanka spectators who undoubtedly felt like they've gotten coal in their Christmas stocking.

Here are two translations of the boxscore. One translation comes from, and the other comes from

Believe it or not, for the first ten minutes, Slavyanka actually put up a fight, and played Nadezhda to a tie after the first quarter, 18-18. But the second quarter ended up 31-10 in favor of Nadezhda, and the home team was held to eight points in the third quarter. Egad.

Only one stat is needed to describe the game:

Nadezhda: 51 percent shooting
Slavyanka: 26 percent shooting

There's really no point in discussing the game beyond that.

Betty Lennox had a game worthy of the Russian Superleague. She scored 38 points and had 10 rebounds with four assists. If she had scored eight more points, she'd have matched Slavyanka's entire total for the game.

B-Money, however, gave out some Christmas presents - she actually let other players on her team score. Shameka Christon scored 19 points and five assists, and Zane Tamane scored 13 poitns for the winners.

Slavyanka's team of Russian nationals only had two players score in double digits. Yuliya Kiseleva scored 10 points with nine rebounds, and Irina Romanova scored 12 points and four rebounds.

Merry Christmas, B-Money!

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