Saturday, December 20, 2008

LFB (Spain) 13/2008 - Ros Casares 65, Extrugasa 56

The Liga Feminina has completed the first half of its season. There won't be another game on the schedule until January 10th - I guess they celebrate Christmas in Spain. For Extrugasa (2-11), the season has been a nightmare, and for Ros Casares (12-1), it has been everything they hoped for. Proving that they could lose just as easily witout Tamera Young as with her, Extrugasa lost its 11th game in 13 tries, losing to El Ros 65-56 on the road.

The box score is here.

No report on the game, since Erika de Souza didn't take part in it. I don't think it was because Erika's hurt, but rather because - well, because it's Extrugasa, and it gives Erika a chance to recuperate. Coach Isma Canto recently reported that this is the first time he's had all of his players healthy.

Candice Wiggins is going to be joining this little club soon. Ros Casares is going to be stacked with talent.

If you look at the box score, it's a weird game. Extrugasa only started seven players - guess they decided to take an early break. They only attempted 44 shots all games, and took only 19. They had 23 turnovers. I don't think I've seen a team take as few shots as Extrugasa in a box score in a professional game.

Erika, get healthier and spend more time with your brother (who recently came to Spain as a prospective soccer player). We'll pick up with you after Christmas!

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