Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sheryl Swoopes and Coming Out

Outsports writes a review of a new book by public relations expert Howard Bragman called "Where's My Fifteen Minutes?" Bragman has handled the "coming out" (of the closet) parties of more than one celebrity, including Sheryl Swoopes:

The gay community itself doesn’t always make it easy for those who come out. Sheryl Swoopes, the great WNBA star, was the first pro athlete to come out at the peak of her career since Olympic diving medalist Greg Louganis. When I met Sheryl, she was quite upset because she was facing enormous disapproval from the power brokers in the lesbian community. Sheryl wasn’t buying the party line, and she was telling the world that her decision to become a lesbian was a choice.

This book might be worth a read, if you're a public relations person.

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