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PLKK 14/2004 - AZS Poznań 64, Rybnik 54

Utex Row Rybnik (9-5) was sitting on a six-game winning streak and hoping to keep the good times rolling, particularly when AZS Poznań (7-6) showed up. In their last match, Rybnik went to Poznań and rolled to a 102-88 victory. Unfortunately, AZS Poznań earned their revenge and beat Rybnik by ten points at Rybnik.

AZS Poznań got off to a good start with a 20-13 first quarter and managed to take a 34-29 lead into halftime. However, Rybnik had the momentum in the third quarter, holding AZS Poznań to just nine points and claiming a 44-43 lead after three quarters. The question would be 'which team would want it more in the fourth quarter?' The answer would clearly be AZS Poznań, who held Rybnik to just 10 fourth quarter points. Magdalena Radwan got hurt and Kasha Terry was ineffective in the fourth quarter. According to the Utex Row Rybnik website, Rede Aleliunaite-Jankovską proceeded to beat the crap out of Kasha Terry under the basket all day - including when Terry returned in the fourth quarter. Terry was held scoreless in her limited minutes.

It was a poor shooting game for both teams - AZS Poznań shot 36 percent and Rybnik only shot 33 percent. AZS Poznań won the offensive rebounding battle, scoring 12 offensive boards to Rybnik's seven. Both teams hit the same number of free throws.

It was turnovers that killed Rybnik. AZS Poznań managed to turn the ball over just eight times, compared to 17 for Rybnik.

LaTangela Atkinson was the player of the game. She scored 22 points and 10 rebounds - but she also had seven turnovers. Ketia Swanier scored six points and nine rebounds, and Aleksandra Chomać scored 10 points and six rebounds. Kasha Terry scored zero points, but got six rebounds in 11 minutes of play.

For AZS Poznań, Reda Aleliunaite-Jankowska led all players with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Okeisha Howard, a graduate of Old Dominion, scored 11 points and eight rebounds. Joanna Walich scored 15 points and five rebounds for AZS Poznań.

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