Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some Basketball Chants

Working on some basketball chants for the Dream - these chants are much like the chants you'd hear at European football (soccer) games. There will be a much longer post about this later when I have time to write it.

If you're a fan of some team I name and you feel really pissed off, just remember - it's all in the spirit of "Never give the opposing team an even break."

(to the tune of "O Little Town of Bethlehem")

A great big town in Georgia has
The ladies' greatest team
The arena's name is Philips and
The team is called The Dream
They play in powder blue and white
For both home and away
They score goals morning, noon and night
And make each true fans day

(to the tune of "Que Sera, Sera")

When I was just a little boy (girl)
I asked my mother
"What will I be?
Will I cheer Pierson? Will I cheer Laimbeer?"
Here's what she said to me,

"Don't you worry, hon
Atlanta is number one
You'll never cheer Detroit scum
Que Sera, Sera!"

(to the tune of "Take a Walk on the Wild Side")

B-Money's playing again today,
She's going to score again, the Dream fans say
She scores from here, she scores from there
Philips Arena is the place where -
They say "Hey Betty! Take a walk on the Dream side!"
They say "Hey Betty! Take a walk on the Dream side!"
And all the (fans, dykes, guys, kids) sing
"Doo doo doo - doo doo - doodoodoodoo...."

(to the tune of "Mambo Number Five")

A little bit of Ivory in our lives
A little bit of Izi down the sides
A little bit of Betty's what we need
A little bit of Tamera with her speed
A little bit of Kristin in defense
A little bit of Alison, she's immense
A little bit of singing from the crowds
A little bit of Marynell, make her proud!


Ethan said...

Whoa, whoa! This isn't the English Premier League. Fewer words and syllables. Work your way up to all 59 stanzas of "You'll Never Walk Alone" when the Dream moves to Liverpool. :-)

"Let's Go Dream!"

"Beat L-A!"

"De-troit sucks!"

And so on.

Think of it this way: If you can't say the chant and clap 3 times, get out the eraser. Or, if you can set it to anything ever written by Yes, edit profusely.

Although "Yours is no disgrace" could be a good one for Dream players missing free throws or fouling out. :-p

Ethan said...

Now you got me going on this.

"Yesterday a supplemental draft came
a smile upon our face,
Ivory Lat-ta,
(another play-er)
and 2 more draft picks, 2 more draft picks in their place.
On a sailing ship to the playoffs,
leaving anyplace,
If the Comets became the Lady Mav'ricks
Yours is no, yours is no WNBA."

Or something.