Saturday, December 13, 2008

WCBA 17/2008 - Jiangsu 104, Liaoning 89 - Has Ann Strother Been Let Go from Jiangsu?

When reading a writeup on some games, I found this translated-into-English-from-Chinese article:

Jiangsu team league before this round of the replacement of the foreign aid, a strong center to replace the Houwei An Williams - Sizhuo this game for the first time the new foreign aid on behalf of the Jiangsu team debut WCBA.

Also note the boxscore: "Ann Sizhuo" wears #16, but we have a new "foreign aid" wearing #17 - "Williams".

I have no way of figuring out who "Williams" is, because the entire WCBA site seems to be down. However, we know that:

1) Ann Strother missed this game, and that I don't think she's missed a game all year.
2) WCBA teams can only have one "foreign aid" player.

I'll try to figure out what's going on.

However, I've also found out that there's going to be an All-Star Game after the regular season. There will be a "Northern" team and a "Southern" team.

It is therefore time to get your votes in. I'll write out a sample ballot later. But obviously, we want to elect "Jennifer Rashid" (Jennifer Lacy) and "Ann Sizhou" (Ann Strother); it's just that the ballot isn't entire straightforward. It's a bit tricky.

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