Saturday, December 6, 2008

LFB (Spain) 11/2008 - Ros Casares 93, Rivas Ecópolis 56

When I looked at the result, I had to rub my eyes. Weren't these two teams with a 9-1 record, tied at the top of the Liga Feminina? Wasn't this promising to be a close game?

Nope. El Ros flattened Rivas Ecópolis in their own home stadium by thirty-seven points. There is no longer any doubt who the number one team in Spain is. It's Ros Casares, now all by itself in first place in the Liga Feminina.

The boxscore is here. There will be no writeup because Erika de Souza is still out with a muscle pull.

If Ros Casares is playing like this...can you imagine how much better they'll be when Erika comes back?

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