Saturday, November 8, 2008

LFB (Spain) 7/2008 - Ros Casares 74, Celta 50

For Ros Casares (6-1), the major concern hasn't been so much as play in the Spanish League as the Euroleague. Followers of El Ros have been disappointed at Ros Casares's performance in international play with losses to Ekaterinburg and Prague and an unexpected loss to Perfumerias at home. Ros Casares has been turning things around with overwhelming play, and with El Ros only one game behind Rivas Ecópolis and with Rivas playing rival Joventut, there is hope that Ros Casares can move to the very top of the league.

Their win over Celta Indepo (2-5) 70-54 is half of the equation. Joventut beating Rivas Ecópolis will be the other half.

The boxscore is here. As the visiting team, Ros Casares won every quarter of the game, holding Celta to just nine points in the third.

Ros Casares shot 42 percent from the field compared with 35 percent from Celta. Ros Casraes won the battle of rebounds easily, 44-30, with Erika de Souza leading the way. Celta made more turnovers than Ros Casares, and even though they went to the free thow line four more times than Ros Casares...they only shot 50 percent from the line. The game was a piece of cake for Ros Casares.

Delisha Milton-Jones led all players with 19 points and six rebounds for Ros Casares. Anna Montanana would score 11 points, and Amaya Valdemora scored nine. Erika de Souza was only one bucket away from a double-double, scoring eight points and 10 rebounds.

For Celta Indepo, Alba Torrens scored 15 points and Agne Ciudariene scored 10 points - the only two players in double figures. Laura Nicholls Gonzalez scored nine points and six rebounds. However, according to the press, Celta was simply too dependent on Alba Torrens and Agne Ciudariene.

Ros Casares is very good about preparing pictures, so I'm sure we'll have them.

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