Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Cryptic Comets

The Houston Roundball Review reports on an update regarding the status of the Houston Comets. He received a message from a Houston Comets fans who received a message from a Houston Comets account executive.

You should go to the link above to read the entire thing. The relevant quotes:

As a team we needed to have 85% of our current season ticket holders return by November 15, 2008. I personally have the greatest number of season ticket holders and only 45% of them have turned as of today (November 3, 2008).

Next, as a team we needed 1200 new season ticket holders to commit to the 2009 season, with each season ticket holder representative commit to 200 new season ticket holders. Currently I have the most new season tickets, but I only have 30 of my 200.

The letter is not so much about what it says then what doesn't say. This is what I'm gleaning from the letter.

1) There is a potential new owner for the Comets.
2) My guess it that he'd rather move the team somewhere else - although he's perfectly willing to make money in Houston.

I wonder if this is a case of setting an impossible goal that can't be reached. But it looks like there is an owner for Houston, the only question is...will the Comets stay?

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True Fan said...

If we llok back to how many of us supported the Comets as season ticket holders in the past and how many I've seen at the games the last few seasons, even before the ownership problems, we had the numbers.

I think about other teams and sports, no matter win or lose, they have solid attendance. What makes people so disgruntle that they stop buying season tickets?

Am I blind, but isn't the play on the court jsut great?

SUpporting that by itself is worth season tickets to me, no matter who owns them or where we play.