Saturday, November 15, 2008

PLKK 11/2008 - Rynbik 78, Pabiance 51

It's official at Rybnik (7-4). Utex Row Rybnik just signed Ketia Swanier to replace Jia Perkins, who terminated her contract with Rybnik a few weeks ago. Swanier was a first round draft pick with the Connecticut Sun this year out of UConn, averaging 9.2 points a game over six games. Rumor had it that some American player had shown up on Wednedsay, but the final word only got out in Poland yesterday.

Swanier's first game with their team would be against league doormat Pabiance (1-10). Pabiance had won one road game in the PLKK this year, but they wouldn't win at Rybnik, who walked away with a 78-51 victory.

Pabiance knew it was going to be a bad day. They were held to four points in the first quarter. (I think the WNBA record for fewest points in a quarter is five.) When you lead by seventeen points after 10 minutes, the only task is not to lose the lead. Pabiance crawled back to being down by 15, going into halftime down 31-16. (Reminds me of an Indiana Fever game.) Rybnik won the third and fourth quarters, never letting Pabiance off the mat.

There's no real analysis of this game. Rybnik shot 58 percent, compared to 28 percent by Pabiance. Only one Pabiance player scored in double digits. You can let rebounding, free throws, and turnovers go if you're outshooting your opponents by thirty percent - and indeed, that's what happened, with Rybnik still leading by 27 when all was said and done.

Aleksandra Chomać led all Rybnik players with 16 points and 10 rebounds, followed by Nataliya Trafimava with 15 points and seven assists. Kasha Terry would score 12 points and seven rebounds in only 17 minutes of play. LaTangela Atkinson would contribute five points.

What about Ketia Swanier? She scored only six points and three assists, but she only played 12 minutes. I suppose after Pabiance went down 21-4 after 10 minutes that you can afford to let your newest player sit down and overcome her jet lag.

Anita Szemraj led Pabiance with 15 points and four rebounds. Viktoria Mircheva also had 11 points and six rebounds for Pabiance.

Pictures will come when they can be found. Sometimes, with the PLKK, you get lucky in finding them.

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