Sunday, November 30, 2008

Game Results, November 29 2008

Liga Feminina (Spain)

Ros Casares 82, Zaragoza 67. Ros Casares (9-1) continues dominating the Spanish league, with Zaragoza (3-7) the victim. Erika de Souza is still out due to a muscle pull.

Cadi La Seu 58, Extrugasa 53. It's the same old story for Extrugasa (2-8) - almost good enough, but not quite good enough to win. Extrugasa hit 94 percent of their free throws - going 15 for 16 - but this was the only part of the game in which they excelled. Kelly Santos, a forward with the Seattle Storm, scored 17 points and seven rebounds for Cadi La Seu. Scoring duties were split in Extrugasa between Katia da Silva with 14 points and nine rebounds, Mandisa Stevenson with 10 points and five rebounds, and Tamera Young with 10 points. Unfortunately, Young also had five turnovers to go with her 10 points, leading both teams in turnovers. The loss puts Extrugasa at 12th place among the 14 Spanish League teams.

WCBA (China)

Beijing 83, Yunan 69. The win puts Beijing (8-5) all by itself in fourth place in the Chinese League. Four players scored in double figures with Zhang Wei leading the team with 24, but Jennifer Lacy had 10 points...and 16 rebounds. The entire Yunan (4-9) team only had 26 rebounds. The mysterious "Walter Green" (who might be Tangela Smith, as there are only four WNBA players in the Chinese league) scored 17 points and three rebounds. She also drew 12 fouls. Hope she has a nice bath after the game, whoever she is.

Jiangu 88, Shanghai 84. Jiangsu (9-4) hit the road and beat Shanghai (4-9) to move up to third place in the Chinese league. Shooting 54 percent from the field helped. "Jiaolan" led all Shanghai players with 18 points and eight rebounds. Five players scored in double figures for Jiangsu, led by Bian Lan with 19 points and Wang Xiao-Li with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Ann Strother scored eight points and picked up eight rebounds.

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bullsky said...

Walter Green is Cisti Greenwalt, a former Texas Tech Grad.