Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008-2009 WNBA Calendar

Here are some important dates to keep in mind during the off-season and for 2009:

First two weeks of December 2008: teams are required to send out qualifying offers to their own players who are not signed, but to whom who they still own the rights.
Mid-December 2008 or later: 2009 WNBA Draft Lottery
December 15, 2008: Clubs may talk to any free agent in the league, but may not sign agents
January 5, 2009: Clubs may sign free agents
April 2009: WNBA Draft in St. Louis (current date unknown, April estimate)
June 6, 2009: WNBA regular season begins
September 13, 2009: WNBA regular season ends

P. S.: Corrected location of the WNBA Draft. I was looking at the NBA Draft. I blame the underpants gnomes.


Anonymous said...

Expect the draft lottery closer to Dec 1

Anonymous said...

Isn't WNBA draft usually in the city where the womens final four is played?