Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finding the Pony in the Horse Manure

There's an old joke about an optimist in hell. He's trapped up to his nose in a room full of horse manure. Satan walks by, gloating, and ask the optimist how he likes hell.

"It's great!" says the optimist. "With all this horse manure I just know there's got to be a pony in here somewhere!"

There's an article by Steve Murray, a journalist in Honolulu who calls himself "HawaiiHotAir" who wrote an article called WNBA: A Coaching Death Sentence. He never explicitly states that coaching the WNBA is a death sentence anywhere in the article - I guess that you're supposed to be in the know about that.

Mr. Murray appears to be involved in a deep spiritual struggle. As a journalist, he wants to be as even handed as possible; but since he's on a Fox Sports Blog, he wants to let Mama's Little Chauvinist run wild. The only loser in this battle is the reader; Mr. Murray never comes to a conclusion whether the WNBA are good triers or are girls with cooties.

I did learn something, believe it or not. It appears that Bill Laimbeer, coach of the Shock, let his contract with the Shock expire after this year. He was very close to quitting, but is staying with the Shock on a verbal agreement. I don't think I read that anywhere, not even on RebKell.

See? Sometimes when you dig through manure, you can find that pony!

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