Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Stuff

Don't have much time at the terminal, so here goes:

* Had a great visit with Ethan Johnson - the writer who is half of - where we talked about the W, major league soccer, women's basketball, and wine among other things.

He had this thought: we know that Katie Feenstra takes religion seriously. She's married by now - she got married this month. Ethan pointed out that if she takes her husband's family name...then this is the last we've heard of "Katie Feenstra", so to speak. (Of course, Feenstra could hyphenate her name. Hope the Dream have some extra letters of the alphabet.)

* A nice human interest story with the Dream organization making a contribution. It looks like the Dream know how to pay it forward, too.


Ethan said...

Thanks again for breakfast! :-)

Rebecca said...

It's possible that she'll take his name in private life but keep her jersey the way it is. Supposedly that's how Lisa Leslie's handling it, and it wouldn't be the first time. As long as no one gets crazy with the jersey changing the way Stephanie White did, oh, Lord. She and Scholanda Whatever-The-Hell-Her-Last-Name-Is-This-Year must have driven the league nuts.