Saturday, November 15, 2008

More on Jia Perkins and Utex Row Rybnik

This was a question and answer session on a Polish Basketball Message Board. Perkins is the "question-ee". She speaks about one of the rumors as to why she left:

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You have the intention to return this season to Europe? Perhaps Poland?

Perkins: I wanted to go back to Europe in January. Now teams are already practically completed and it is difficult to bring it to quickly catch somewhere. Unless someone somewhere discharged indemnifies and the place is all but certainly before January. What to return to Poland. I think that if they come to a concrete proposal would certainly consider it. In Rybnik was really on the agenda. Colleagues from around the team were also very polubiłam coach and I want to clarify here that there was no evidence on any blows! Because I heard that I am leaving because of beatings. None of these things, someone wearing a plotkę devised and I do not want to even talk to me who that person is.

Why then does the squad missed Rybnika from?

: I do not want anything to tell here. On one of the training, I contacted the club. Have been taken and no other such decisions and bifurcation in harmony. As I said earlier, all sorts of weird rumors about some bijatykach are Wyss of the finger.

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Very curious. I'm coming to my only conclusions, which are entirely conjectures. My guess is that at the end of the story someone ended up hitting somebody and it all went to Hades after that. Both sides just want to put it behind them and move on.

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