Thursday, November 27, 2008

Euroleague Results

Nadezhda Orenberg 82, Halcion Avenda 63. What a difference Betty Lennox makes! After not winning a single game in Group A of Euroleague, Nadezdha (1-6) finally defeats a Halcion Avenda (5-2) team that beat them in Spain. About 2,500 spectators got to see Betty's debut.

Shameka Christon led all Nadezhda players with 20 points and six rebounds. Betty Lennox had a fairly decent game for Nadezhda - 17 points on 24 shots. At least, it's better than a lot of debuts after extended layoffs. (However, a poster at RebKell notes that most of Noox's points were garbage points, scored when Nadezhda was up by 15.)

Le'Coe Willingham led Halcion Avenda with 16 points. Other American/NCAA/WNBA performances were by Donette Snow (7 points) and by Paula Clocan (2 points).

Ros Casares 88, Prague 69. Erika de Souza remains injured, but her team climbs to 5-2 in Group B, getting a little closer to mathematically securing a spot in the second round.

Union Hainaut 80, Sibenik 69. Union Hainaut climbs to 3-4 in Group B with three games left, and 3-4 is good for third place when you have Ekaterinburg and Ros Casares in your group.

Five players scored in double figures for Union Hainaut, including Bernadette Ngoyisa with 17 and Chioma Nnamaka with 10. Constance Jinks scored 24 points for Sibenik, with Kerri Gardin pitching in 11.

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Rebecca said...

It always amuses me when overseas teams pull out full names, or in Michelle Snow's case, first names that aren't commonly used.

Good to see Sista Christon playing well, especially on the boards.