Monday, November 10, 2008

This Week's Games

These are the games I hope to post about this week.


WCBA: Lioaning (5-2) vs. Beijing (3-4)
WCBA: Jiangsu (4-3) vs. Shangdong (4-3)


Euroleague: Sibenik (2-2) vs. Ros Casares (2-2) *
Euroleague: Villeneuve d'Ascq (0-4) vs. Riga (1-3) *


Euroleague: Union Hainaut (2-2) Vs. Ekaterinburg (4-0) *
Eurocup: Ribera (1-2) vs. Extrugasa (1-2) **


LFB (Spain): Extrugasa (2-5) vs. Olesa (5-2)
LFB (Spain): Estudiantes (2-5) vs. Ros Casares (6-1)
LFB (France): Nantes (0-9) vs. Villeneuve d'Ascq (4-5)
PLKK: Rybnik (6-4) vs. Pabianice (1-9)
WCBA: Beijing vs. Zhejiang
WCBA: Jiangsu vs. Henan


LFB (France): Union Hainaut (5-4) vs. Reims (4-5)
TBBL: Samsun (2-1) vs. Tarsus (2-2)
Greece A1: Aris Holargos (2-2) vs. Paleo Faliro (2-2)

Note: Ceyhan (Turkey) has a bye this week and no other obligations.
Note #2: I might end up reporting late about some of the Saturday and Sunday games. That's a lot of games to post about; it almost killed me this weekend.

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