Friday, November 21, 2008

Women in Sports Illustrated - November 24, 2008

Number of pages: 81, counting the cover
Number of pages devoted to women: 1.08

One 3/4 of a page is an article about women's judo legend Rena Glickman.

Another 1/9 of a page is a hot tip from Ashley Judd - talking about University of Kentucky men's basketball.

1/9 of a page highlights Florence Schelling - a freshman goalie at Northeastern. This is the random "Faces in the Crowd" section, where you're most likely to find a story about the accomplishments of women athletes.

Another 1/9 of Faces highlights Joy Monahan, a surfer. Another 1/9 highlights Marcela Gurzel, a volleyball player.

The article in the back by Selena Roberts doesn't count. Nor does Jimmie Johnson's eye candy, ol' what's-her-name.

Total percent of magazine devoted to women, counting Ashley Judd - 1.33 percent.

"So what are you implying, Pet?" some might ask. My answer. "Nothing at all. Simply stating a fact." Interpret it how you wish; we aim to please.

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