Sunday, November 16, 2008

LFB (Spain), Zona Basket, Ros Casares and Erika de Souza

This is a weekly highlight video that is produced by the Federación Española de Baloncesto, the governing basketball body of Spain.

Usually, they'll highlight a men's game, a women's game, a game in the lower leagues and some administrative stuff. Although,

a) it seems when they're pressed for time they cut out the women's league game, and
b) the women's game is invariably Ros Casares.

Even though Erika de Souza will be injured for three weeks, she still shows up on the reel, which highlights the Ros Casares-Estudiantes game. At 3:07 she can be found on the bench, her red hair down around her shoulders and wearing glasses. At 4:02, she's up and around and congratulating the team after the game.

You can also check out her head coach Isma Canto (4:28) and fellow player Amaya Valdemoro (4:46). They both get some extended yakkin' time, but Erika's appearances are at the blink-and-you'll-miss-her level.

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