Friday, November 14, 2008

Jennifer (and Ann) in China

Who is Jennifer's friend?

Jennifer Lacy's diary is now at Dream Diary, the official diary of the Atlanta Dream. She chats about her attempts in understanding the language, and about what she misses most about Atlanta. (Hint: Waffle House.)

Go over there. Now!

She also links to a photo gallery of photos at the WNBA website. I suggest you go there, too.

And by the way...I have some extra news about how well Ann Strother is adjusting to China. This news is supercool to the nth level. (Wait until I tell the story of Ann vs. the 20-year old fish.)

The news is just too cool for a single post. It has to be doled out over several days, and properly savored. Posting some pics and a link to Jennifer's diary is relatively simple, so I wanted to do that first.

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