Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chinese Basketball Fans Taking a Liking to Ann Strother

After the Bayi Telecom-Jiangsu game, there were two players that were surrounded by fans after the game. The first was the popular Sue Feifei, probably the most popular of the Chinese players.

The other was Ann Strother.


After the game, two players into a home surrounded by fans, while Sui Feifei is the Bayi team, while Jiangsu's foreign aid An Sizhuo. Fans will be surrounded by layers of them, scenes from the point of view, it seems far better than the popular An Sizhuo Sui Feifei. Sui Feifei the end of the signatures have been back to the locker room, fans still here An Sizhuo constantly swarmed to. An Sizhuo in the last staff was able to return under the protection of the locker room.

At a news conference after the match, when it comes to foreign aid popular team in Jiangsu, Jiangsu coach Xiong is not surprising: "We Jiangsu where women's basketball fans are welcome by, Jiangsu women's basketball team as we grow Do good, the fans say that we are 'the most beautiful of the National Women's Basketball team', our foreign aid is the most beautiful foreign aid, the other in the home, we could hang welcome. "Jiangsu popular players have more than Sui Feifei Go on? In this regard, Xiong explained this way: "Sui Feifei is probably because the home team, the fans will see more visual fatigue."

Whoa. You think Ann will want to come back to America after all this is over?

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