Saturday, November 22, 2008

LFB (Spain) 9/2008 - Joventut 75, Extrugasa 68

For Extrugasa (2-7), it's turning out to be a very disappointing season. With the players they had on the roster at the beginning of the season, Extrugasa expected to compete, but Sholokova and Alexis both disappeared, and Extrugasa was left to scramble to replace them. At least they were playing at home against Joventut (7-2). Maybe Extrugasa could break its losing streak in the Spanish league.

Not today. Extrugasa lost 75-65 at home. It was the sixth straight loss for Extrugasa in the Spanish women's league, and puts them in 13th place among 14 teams.

The boxscore is here.

Extrugasa fell behind in the first quarter and by halftime they were down by 12 points, 42-30. In the third quarter, Extrugasa would stage a comeback, and the third quarter would end 53-51 with Extrugasa just a basket behind. Unfortunately, the fourth quarter would end with Joventut firmly in control and Extrugasa on their way to yet another loss. called it "a day without surprises" and that in the fourth quarter, Extrugasa fell into their old lapses. However, the news was not all bad: according to, Mandisa Stevenson seems to be picking up the offense well.

Joventut came out shooting 50 percent as opposed to the 39 percent of Extrugasa. The other keys of the game - offensive rebounding, turnover, and free throw visits were virtually equal for both teams. A high point for Extrugasa was in its free throw performance, where it hit 13 out of 14 attempts.

Leading Extrugasa was new acquisition Mandisa Stevenson, with 13 points and 7 rebounds. Miriam Herrera Arevalo would score 11 points and Maria Asurmendi Villaverde added 11 points. For Tamera Young, it was a disappointing game - two points on five shots - but she played 20 minutes and picked up four rebounds for Extrugasa.

The leaders of Joventut were Armintie Price with 19 points and nine rebounds and Linda Page with 13 points. Price is a shooting guard with the Chicago Sky. Page was a graduate of North Carolina State (and has a shooting clinic, if you don't know).

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