Sunday, November 16, 2008

Greek Women's A1 5/2008 - Aris Holargos 75, Paleo Faliro 71

After a disappointing start, undoubtedly the fans of "Κριστίν Χάινι" hoped that Paleo Faliro (2-3) would introduce Haynie to a Greek victory celebration. Unfortunately, Paleo Faliro fell short on the road again, this time to Aris Holargos, 75-71.

The boxscore is here.

Both teams played a close game in the first half. Home team Aris Holargou only led by one point, 22-21, at the end of the first quarter and led 40-38 at halftime. Unfortunately for the visitors, they were held to 13 points in the third quarter and Aris Holargou took a 61-51 lead after thirty minutes. Paleo Faliro worked towards a comeback, but fell short by four points.

Aris Holargou would shoot 50 percent form the field against the visitors, and Paleo shot 49 percent. Both teams rebounded similarly well, but Paleo Faliro was a better team on the offensive boards. Turnovers were low on both sides, with Paleo Faliro holding a slight edge.

Free throws? Both teams went to the line 27 times, and neither team shot that well - Holargou hit 19 free throws; Paleo Faliro had 17 one-pointers. All and all, the boxscore tells the story of a very close exciting game.

For Aris Holargos, Zoi Kehagia led all players on both teams with 21 points. Tamara Bowie, a graduate of Ball State in 2003, scored 21 points and 13 rebounds, a double double. Brooke Reeves scored 13 poitns and nine rebounds. Reeves was a graduate from Kansas in 2000.

Four players from Paleo Faliro scored in double digits, led by Tatiana Zotova with 19 points. Fotoula Volonaki scored 12 points, ten of them at the free throw line. Karen Mourd - our mystery player - scored 11 points and Teana Miller - I'm going with Rebecca's guess at her identity - scored eight points. Miller last played from the Charlotte Sting in 2005.

As for Kristin Haynie, she only scored eight points, on 2 for 8 shooting from the field. Kristin still hasn't found her touch in Greece - I'm hoping she finds it soon.

For pictures, consult the Oracle at Delphi.

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