Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eurocup 4/2008 - Extrugasa 80, Ribera 66

Unlike Eurocup, teams in the individual groups - Extrugasa's is Group J - only play six games in total against their three group opponents. Extrugasa (2-2) had already played Ribera (1-3) and beaten them in Spain, and now it was time for Extrugasa to go to Italy for the rematch. Extrugasa would end up on top a second time, 80-66.

The boxscore is here.

Tamera Young's team took off to a 26-15 lead in the first quarter, and hung on to a 40-34 lead going into halftime. Extrugasa won both quarters of the second half to work their way to .500 in the Eurocup.

Both teams shot well - Extrugasa shot 49 percent and Ribera shot 46 percent. However, Ribera outrebounded Extrugasa 39-30. (Kaayla Chones had something to do with that.)

Extrugasa's greatest skill was in hanging on to the ball - they had only 10 turnovers to the game, compared to Ribera's 21 total turnovers. If you never lose possession of the ball, you have a good chance in racking up some points. (Putting the ball through the round hoop also helps.)

Kaayla Chones, who last played for the center for the Storm in 2006, scored a big-time double double with 18 points and 16 rebounds. Julie Page scored 19 points for Ribera. Molly Creamer, a graduate of Bucknell, scored nine points and five rebounds.

Jaklin Zlatanova led Extrugasa with 19 total points. Katia Da Silva scored 16 points. Tamera Young, despite playing for 23 minutes, scored only six points but she only made seven field goal attempts. Mandisa Stevenson did not play for Extrugasa - I wonder if she's eligible for Eurocup play.

Most of the Spanish media felt that this would be a big game for Extrugasa. Out of 12 groups of four teams, in order to make it to the next round, you can be assured of getting there if you finish in first or second place in your group. With a 2-2 record in Group J, Extrugasa has a good chance at it if they win one of their next two games.

Pictures will come if they can be found. I suspect there are no photographers in Extrugasa.

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