Monday, November 24, 2008

What Happened to Bernadette Ngoyisa

We have some news about Tiffany Stansbury's injury and about Bernadette Ngoyisa's one game suspension at Union Hainaut.

The link is here, and Women's Basketball in France provides news about other clubs.

According to eurobasket at Rebkell, "She was a little but unlucky with her third technical. She felt that she was the fouled player and basically made her feeling known. The offical called a T and that was it." The suspension is only for the French league and does not suspend to Euroleague. However, if Ngoyisa gets further technicals, they could lead to further suspensions.

Wow. The French leagues are really tough. If they suspended players in the NBA for their third technical, I bet there would be players that wouldn't play all season.

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