Sunday, November 9, 2008

Greek Women's A1 4/2008 - Esperides 55, Paleo Faliro 48.

After much fretting, I finally konw that Kristin Haynie is known as "Κριστίν Χάινι" in Greek. I finally have a search term. (The article about her acquisition by Paleo Faliro is here). I'm sure that Paleo Faliro (2-2) was looking forward to a fantastic debut, but unfortunately, expectations fell short as Paleo Faliro fell to Esperides (3-1) by the score of 55-48.

The boxscore is here. And not only that, I beat to the punch!

Home team Paleo Faliro fell behind early, down 15-8 at the end of the first quarter, but managed to come back to close the score to 22-20 by halftime. After the haltime, Esperides dominated, taking an 11 point lead at the end of the third quarter and holding off Paleo Faliro from a comeback in the fourth quarter.

It was an absolutely horrible shooting game. Both teams shot a horrible 33 percent. However, Esperides hit more of their shots as three pointers and outrebounded Paleo Faliro by 48-26. In the other aspects of the game, both teams were basically even.

And now for the fun part...translating the Greek names to English equivalents and hoping that I get names to match. The only player to score in double figures for Paleo Faliro was Tina Miller - I have no idea what school Tina Miller attended; I don't know if she's of Greek or American nationality - with 10 points and seven rebounds. Karen Mourd - another mystery player - scored six points and three rebounds.

So how did Kristin Haynie do? If you look in the boxscore, she's listed under a bunch of garbled characters. I confirmed it with other articles - Haynie only had two points, shooting 1 for 7 for the game. She picked up two rebounds, but had four turnovers. Certainly no game to write home about.

As for Esperides, Dimitra Kalentzou scored 15 points, four rebounds and seven assists and Stella Kaltsidou scored 15 points and six rebounds. Jackie McFarland, a former player from Colorado, scored six points and six rebounds. Erica Davis, who graduated from Yale, scored seven points and 14 rebounds for Esperides.

Pictures might end up coming on the Greek Kalends. You can look it up.

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Rebecca said...

I wonder if Tina Miller is actually Teana Miller, who's done time with the Sting and the Mercury- she's a big post out of Tulane, where she was Teana McKiver. I have a soft spot for her- she shares my birthday.