Sunday, November 9, 2008

TBBL 2008 - Samsun 76, Ceyhan 53

This isn't exactly Duke-North Carolina. However, with Ivory Latta's sprained ankle, it was feared that we'd have to wait until the second half of the season before we saw Ivory Latta and Alison Bales go head to head once again.

Not true! Ivory Latta's ankle must have recovered enough for her to start! Unfortunately, having the league's leading scorer didn't help Ceyhan (1-3) as they fell to Samsun (2-1) by a score of 76-53 at home.

Ceyhan started out the game under the gun and stayed there. They were down 21-9 after one quarter and were down by 20 at halftime, 43-23. Ceyhan tried to stage a mini-comeback in third quarter, but Samsun outscored Ceyhan by 11 points in the fourth quarter to put the cap on a 23-point victory.

Why did Ceyhan lose? They shot 25 percent from the field in the game. Pitiful. Samsun shot 51 percent, and beat Ceyhan in rebounding, 47 to 34 - but oddly enough, Ceyhan won the battle of the offensive boards, 13-10. The only thing that kept Ceyhan in the game at all was turnovers - Samsun dropped the ball 22 times compared to Ceyhan's more cautious 13 times.

The two leading scorers for Ceyhan - and the only two in double figures - were Charel Allen and Ivory Latta. Allen contributed 18 points and eight rebounds and Latta contributed 18 points and four rebounds. Latta's shooting? Maybe she should have stayed and nursed her ankle. It took 24 shots to get those 18 points. Michelle Campbell also added six points and 13 rebounds.

(Tiffani Johnson did not play for some reason. I wonder what the story is there?)

Samsun's victory was led by Erlana Larkins who had 16 points and 18 rebounds. Three other players scored in double figures, including Julie McBride with 15 points.

As for Alison Bales, she played 24 minutes, scoring only four points but pulling down 12 rebounds and contributing four blocked shots. (I wonder how many of Ivory's shots got blocked?)

You sort of have to depend on Samsun to provide photos. We'll see if someone took some pictures.

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