Friday, November 28, 2008

Extrugasa Advances to Second Round of Eurocup

With forty teams competing for thirty-two Eurocup second-round spots, the easiest way to make it to the second round was to finish second in your group. When Extrugasa lost to Olivais to end up in third place, this left Extrugasa at the mercy of the fates. Only eight of twelve third place teams would advance to the second round.

The good news: Extrugasa was one of those eight teams.

The bad news: Finishing 28th, Extrugasa will next play fifth place Ibiza in the second round. A sister Spanish League team, Ibiza went 6-0 in Eurocup.

The two teams will play a "best of two" home and away series against Ibiza on December 11th and December 18th.

What is a "best of two" series? Very simple. The teams will play a pair of games each other. If you win both games you proceed to the "Sweet Sixteen" of Eurocup. If you split the games, however, the seed is decided by aggregate: whoever has the most points over both the games goes forward. In short, if Extrugasa loses by nine at home, they'd better win by ten or more in Ibiza or Ibiza advances.

The two teams have already played once in regular Spanish league play, where Ibiza beat Extrugasa by 12 at home.

Oddly enough, both teams are 2-7 in Spanish League play. Maybe Extrugasa has a chance.

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