Saturday, November 8, 2008

WCBA 7/2008 - Beijing 76, Liaoyang 68

Beijing (3-4) and Lioayang (2-5) appear to be teams going into two different directions. Beijing is crawling towads the amorphous middle of the WCBA, while Liaoyang might have to thank goodness for the existence of Zhejiang (0-7). Beijing faltered in the third quarter, but came back strong in the fourth quarter to send Liaoyang to a 76-68 defeat.

The boxscore is here.

Beijing took a 24-18 lead after the first quarter and extended the lead to a 46-39 lead at halftime. Liaoyang started to stage a comeback in the third, holding Beijing to nine point and taking a 57-55 lead over Beijing, but Beijing would turn the tables and hold Liaoyang to 11 points in the final ten minutes.

Both teams shot exactly the same from the field - 45 percent. Beijing, however, was superior in rebounding, outrebounding Liaoyang 34-24 and almost half of Beijing's rebounds were offensive rebounds. Beijing kept their turnovers down and both teams were even at the free throw line. It was Beijing's agressiveness at the boards that won Beijing the game.

Despite the greatness that the Zhangs bring to Beijing, Jennifer Lacy was the queen of the court for Beijing, scoring a double-double with 23 points and 11 rebounds. Sun You scored 15 points for Beijing. Two other players scored in double figures.

It was up to two players to carry Lioyang. Liu Dan scored 30 points and nine rebounds for Liaoyang and Lu Lu added 15 points, but those were the only two points to score in double digits.

Pics will come if and when they exist.

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