Saturday, November 8, 2008

LFB (Spain) 7/2008 - Hondarriba 83, Extrugasa 82 (2 OT)

One of the few pics I have of Extrugasa. Tamera Young is in there, at #11.

For Extrugasa (2-5), it never rains but it pours. They've had so much happen to them this year, and the hope was that the arrival of Mandisa Stevenson would be a turnaround. Against Hondarriba (4-3), Extrugasa was able to take the game into overtime, and then another overtime, but fell short in the most painful of ways by a single point as they lost to Hondarriba 83-82 in two overtimes.

The boxscore is here.

The game definitely went back and fourth looking at the quarter per quarter score. Extrugasa led 21-11 after the first quarter, but Hondarriba won the second quarter to close the gap somewhat. The visitors would take a 31-27 lead into halftime.

Hondarriba beat Extrugasa 24-18 in the third quarter to lead 51-50 after thirty minutes, but Extrugasa would send the game into overtime 65-65 at the end of regulation. The first overtime ended with a 72-72 tie, and Hondarriba would score 11 points to Extrugasa's 10 to win by the skin of their teeth.

Both teams shot fairly well. Extrugasa shot 43 percent to Hondarriba's 41 percent. The two teams were neck and neck in rebounding and in turnovers. Hondarriba would visit the free throw line 27 times in 50 minutes of play, and they would shoot 78 percent from the line compared to Extrugasa's 54 percent. Extrugasa's inability to hit free throws is truly hurting the team, and until Coach Isaac Fernandez can turn that around he can expect his team to sit near the bottom of the Spanish league.

Tamera Young got to meet her former Dream teammate Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert, who led Hondarriba in points with 18 points - but not only did she shoot 35 percent, but she fouled out. The real heroes on Hondarriba were Amra Dapo with 16 points and 3 rebounds and Shaunzinski Gortman with 16 points and 12 rebounds for the home squad.

Katia Da Silva led all players for Extrugasa with 17 points and 11 rebounds, the second player on either squad to post a double-double. How did Mandisa Stevenson do? She scored 17 points and 9 rebounds, coming close to a double-double of her own. Unfortunately, she had four fouls and four turnovers. It will take a while for Stevenson to get used to routine play.

Tamera Young scored 11 points and seven rebounds, but she shot horribly - only 31 percent shooting. She missed two of four foul shots, turned the ball over three times and committed four fouls. Extrugasa committed 28 fouls to Hondarriba's 21. Young, Stevenson, and Jaklin Zlatanova (who fouled out) were the major offenders for Extrugasa.

Extrugasa has lost its last three games - two in the Liga Feminina and one in Eurocup - by a grand total of five points.

Pictures of actual gameplay will come if/when they exist.

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