Friday, November 7, 2008

Nikki Teasley To Play for DT3 Exhibition Team

Nikki Teasley, a guard signed by the Atlanta Dream in August - but who did not play due to weight and pregnancy issues - has found a great way to get in shape.

She's going to take the college kids to school.

Teasley will play for an exhibition team called DT-3. An article about the Florida game tonight is here. I haven't been able to find out much about them, as they have no website and boxscore information isn't current with some schools as this is only an exhibition game.

Their current schedule, as best as I could find it:

Nov 2 - Maryland - L 72-83
Nov 4 - Old Miss - L 77-45
Nov 5 - George Washington - W 71-66
Nov 5 - South Florida - L 55-81
Nov 7 - Memphis, L 41-78
Nov 7 - Florida - 7 pm
Nov 8 - Central Florida
Nov 8 - Marshall
Nov 9 - West Virginia

I don't know if Teasley is joining the team only for the game against Florida, or if she joined it with today's earlier Memphis game. Teasley, it turns out, has a Florida connection. Nikki Teasley is the brother of Mike Teasley, who is the high school coach of Azania Stewart, a true freshman on the Florida women's team. Nikki Teasley also coached Stewart during the summer, so this should be interesting.

Here are some names from the DT-3 Exhibition team:

Anita Smith-Williams - Jacksonville State
Lauren Riley-Varley - Brigham Young
Jessi Loring - Cal-State Bakersfield
Sheridan Arredondo - St. Mary's
Taryn Towns - Samford
Tyesha Lowery - Denver
Ashley Cheesman - Brigham Young
Lacey Burns - Vanguard, GA
Tiari Goold - Brigham Young

They do have a lot of Brigham Young players. If you're in the area, or just like BYU, give it a peek.

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